Eurobios – Route Planning and Logistics

Eurobios is a business intelligence company, with a wide range of products and portfolios. Using uDig as a framework, Eurobios has built a routing and logistics package for municipal trash collection programs, the creates optimized routing and schedules for servicing collection areas.


The Eurobios Waste appication allows you to define a general area for waste collection, using standard geographical data. The application calculates new, highly efficient and realistic collection rounds to service your area, having specified the available transfer stations/landfills for each tip trip and the resources you have available, in terms of vehicles, crews and their working hours.

The application accepts the following input parameters to the route optimization process:

  • Types of vehicle available
  • Time, distance and sost
  • Refuse, recycling, green waste services
  • Variation in frequency & volume (participation)
  • Urban, rural or mixed regions

The application can performance an analysis on how to reduce the number of rounds, or it can optimize existing rounds whilst maximising the productivity of each vehicle.

Eurobios Waste is currently used by seven areas in France and the UK, each serving 50,000 to 100,000 households.


Eurobios, a worldwide leader in managing complexity sciences, is a software vendor providing powerful products and solutions at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Eurobios chose to develop their application on the uDig platform because:

  • The RCP framework was desirable for embedding their application;
  • The GIS foundation used by uDig (Geotool) was complete; and,
  • The Geotools library had a networking extension already built.

About uDig

uDig is an open source desktop GIS application framework, distributed under dual EPL and BSD license.

uDig provides:

  • An out-of-the-box application, with the ability to view, edit and print files, database (Oracle, SDE, PostGIS) and Web Feature Servers (WFS).
  • An industry-standard extension framework (RCP) for adding new functionality to the application.
  • A rich toolkit of Java functionality, ready for developers to build on.
  • Native support for Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux.

uDig is developed by a world-wide community of contributors, with an open process and transparent decision making.

About Refractions

Refractions Research is a consulting and systems integration company, with industry-leading exertise in enterprise geospatial applications. Refractions initiated and now hosts the uDig and, PostGIS projects, and continues to provide core development, training and consulting on the projects.