Mailing Lists

Developers are encouraged to join the mailing lists.




Real-time discussions of development and developers meetings held on Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Developing with uDig


uDig is a Java application, so experience with Java is a pre-requisite. The source code is highly object-oriented, so an understanding of object patterns is helpful.


Develop uDig applications with a software development kit (SDK) for Eclipse, or by checking out the uDig code base from github.

Eclipse & RCP

uDig is built on the Eclipse “Rich Client Platform” (RCP). That means that uDig development requires knowledge of how to use Eclipse and also how to develop RCP plug-ins.


uDig uses the GeoTools library for core GIS functionality like data reading, coordinate reprojection, rendering, etc. Developers will need some understanding of GeoTools to create more complex functionality.

GeoTools is an LGPL library provided by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

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Project Organization

uDig is an open project, with developers from multiple companies participating in the decision making process and project direction. All decisions are made transparently, on the public mailing list, or in open IRC discussions.

Steering Committee

  • Andrea Antonello
  • Jesse Eichar
  • Jody Garnett
  • Mauricio Pazos
  • Frank Gasdorf

Join the Team


Getting started with RCP / GeoTools / uDig can take some time and effort, even for a skilled development team!

Commercial developer training and support are available from Refractions Research. Please feel free to contact us and describe your development plans and needs in complete confidence.