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Release 1.2.3

Release 1.2

Release 1.0.6


Mac OS/X


Release Notes

Version 1.4.0

1.4.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the uDig 1.4.0 release.


Download the package appropriate to your platform, unzip and run:

Windows and Linux packages includes a Java Runtime so you really can unzip and run without making any configuration changes to your Machine. On Mac OSX uDig is able to check for Java Advanced Imaging and install if needed.

To get started with uDig:

About uDig 1.4.0

The 1.4.0 release includes a number of the headline features.

New this release is the GeoScripe editor allowing users to work with GeoScript directly from the uDig application.

Next we have the addition of a Document view allowing files and web pages to be listed for the selected feature. This includes traditional "hotlink" functionality which can be used to mark specific attributes as containing a file reference, web link or action. It also includes the new idea of document attachments in a similar fashion to an email program. Thanks to Naz Chan and LISAsoft for this work.

Next up we have a full featured graticule map decoration (using the GeoTools gt-graph module) provided by Kenneth Gulbrandsoy. A long time member of the uDig community Kenneth has been promoted to committeer status. Congratulations and thanks for the exciting work Kenneth.

Behind the scenes Jody Garnett has been testing WMS 1.3.0 support which is now enabled by default. Thanks to LISAsoft for supporting this work.

For developers this release includes an SDK package for developers generated using maven and the tycho plugin. Thanks to Sam Guymer for sorting out how to include GeoTools source code. Thanks to Suraj Patil and Thomas Dolley for testing the SDK Quickstart and Custom Application instructions.

Finally the project has formally changed license and is now available under a dual EPL and BSD license.

Release notes:

About uDig 1.4

The 1.4 series features some great usability improvements with a new tool palette and easy to access tool options.

For developers this release of the uDig platform provides access to the latest open source libraries.

The 1.4 series features:

  • Additional bundled Edit Tools - no longer require a separate download
  • For details on these and other features check out the What is new!

Additional documentation:

For developers:

  • Maven command line build using Tycho plugin
  • Access to the GeoTools 9

Release notes:

Known Issues:

  • The mac release is unable to support the full range of ImageIO-EXT formats. Please contact udig-devel if you are able to build GDAL on Mac OSX.
  • The ImageIO-EXT / GDAL library requires native code for MrSID and ECW available on limited platforms (win32, linux32)