Mailing Lists

Users are encouraged to join the mailing lists.



Reading the lists will help you understand how the community process works, what issues other users are having, and how the platform is evolving.


Real-time discussions with developers occur regularly on Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Issue Tracker

If you come across a problem while using uDig, please use the following steps:

  1. Search the open issues and see if someone has already reported your issue. Add a comment to the issue saying you found it also.
  2. If there is no existing issue, add a new issue. Be sure to note the version you are using and enough detail that the developers can re-produce it.
  3. If your issue is critical, raise it on the [udig-dev] mailing list, it might be very easy to fix.
  4. If your issue is critical and hard, consider hiring a consultant to fix it for you as a priority item.

User Documentation

Want to download and start using uDig for data manipulation and visualization? Start here!

Quick Start

Walkthroughs take you through common tasks in uDig, one step at a time, to give you a feel for what the platform can do.



The user guide is included with the application directly from the help menu.

Background Material

Search Website


Getting started with open source can raise lots of practical questions: what data models to use? what deployment platforms? how to integrate with existing workflow? does this combination of applications even make sense?

Commercial consulting, training and support is available from the following organizations: