Globema – ELGrid

Globema Globema, a Polish-based ICT company, develops and implements OSS/BSS, SmartGrid, DMS/OMS, Network Inventory and Workforce Management solutions for network operators and companies running field works. Using uDig as a framework, Globema has developed ELGrid: an expert system to support development, planning, management and optimization of electric grid.


ELGrid is a decision support system that optimizes electric power network operation and investment planning. The solution also forecasts the electricity demand and energy production from renewable energy sources (RES), as well as helps optimizing the strategy for energy storage. Developed analytical algorithms, in addition to basic power calculations, such as power flow and estimates of peak loads, are based on the artificial intelligence methods and the spatial analysis. The solution is primarily designed for Distribution System Operators (DSO).

The ELGrid system uses data exchange interfaces compliant with the CIM standard which gives computational modules access to highly diverse spectrum of information (e.g. GIS, Billing, AMR, SCADA). The application uses the latest version of Oracle Database 11g witch provides high efficiency, security and availability. A distributed architecture ensures high scalability.


Basic features of the ELGrid system include:

  • Support for maintenance and optimization of electrical network exploitation
    • Optimization of LV & MV network operations
    • Calculating technical and non-technical losses in MV & LV network
    • Optimization of voltage levels within the network
    • Estimating yearly peak loads of distribution network´s elements
  • Network configuration optimization to minimize technical losses:
    • circuit breakers
    • transformer tap settings
    • Calculations and simulations based on network topology, meter readings, billing data, weather conditions and production & demand forecasting

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About uDig

uDig is an open source desktop GIS application framework, distributed under dual EPL and BSD license.

uDig provides:

  • An out-of-the-box application, with the ability to view, edit and print files, database (Oracle, SDE, PostGIS) and Web Feature Servers (WFS).
  • An industry-standard extension framework (RCP) for adding new functionality to the application.
  • A rich toolkit of Java functionality, ready for developers to build on.
  • Native support for Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux.

uDig is developed by a world-wide community of contributors, with an open process and transparent decision making.

About Refractions

Refractions Research is a consulting and systems integration company, with industry-leading exertise in enterprise geospatial applications. Refractions initiated and now hosts the uDig and, PostGIS projects, and continues to provide core development, training and consulting on the projects.