Company Benefits

This project has been an excellent opportunity to undertake a substantial development exercise, of broad scope, studying problems that are within our realm of professional expertise. Through this project, we have gained substantial expertise in the GeoServer and GeoTools open source code bases, and have made international contacts in the standards development and international aid communities.

Refractions Research is an open source spatial services company, and requires expert knowledge and qualifications to backstop our value as a consultancy to agencies implementing open source solutions. In addition to producing a useful product and programming tools, this project has added to our corporate store of knowledge.

The product of this project, the uDig software, is part of our marketing efforts, to bring open source spatial solutions to governments and organizations across North America. As of May 2005 we have already signed and completed one contract utilizing the uDig technology as a delivery base. We anticipate substantial further work using the uDig framework in future months and years.

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