Benefits to Canadians

The uDig project provides additional benefits to the CGDI in several important ways:

  • By enhancing the GeoTools libraries and the Eclipse RCP framework, and by making them more widely usable by CGDI members.
  • The open-source uDig application can be freely deployed by CGDI members, without any proprietary licensing restrictions.
  • Supported versions of the uDig application and training / installation services will be available from Refractions, using materials developed in part by this project.
  • Free access to OpenGIS compatible technologies like uDig will help promote the CGDI standards for Canada's spatial data infrastructure.
  • By providing an innovative means of distributing data maintenance tasks (through WFS servers and clients) without relaxing the data quality control provided by a spatial database.

In general, the entire technical community within CGDI can benefit, because the results of the project have been released as open source software. Any organization with a need for the technical benefits of this project can make use of the software without licensing fees. Several Canadian government departments are already making use of the GeoTools library improvements and uDig application framework.

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