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Packages that use TransformerBase
org.geotools.styling Allows for symbolization of geospatial data.  

Uses of TransformerBase in org.geotools.filter

Subclasses of TransformerBase in org.geotools.filter
 class FilterTransformer
          An XMLEncoder for Filters and Expressions.

Uses of TransformerBase in org.geotools.gml.producer

Subclasses of TransformerBase in org.geotools.gml.producer
 class FeatureTransformer
          FeatureTransformer provides a mechanism for converting Feature objects into (hopefully) valid gml.
 class FeatureTypeTransformer
          Transformer that transforms feature types into (hopefully) valid XML schemas.
 class GeometryTransformer
          DOCUMENT ME!

Uses of TransformerBase in org.geotools.styling

Subclasses of TransformerBase in org.geotools.styling
 class SLDTransformer
          Producers SLD to an output stream.

Uses of TransformerBase in org.geotools.xml.transform

Constructors in org.geotools.xml.transform with parameters of type TransformerBase
TransformerBase.XMLReaderSupport(TransformerBase transfomerBase, java.lang.Object object)

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