Package org.geotools.validation

Defines the Validation Processor and Support classes.


Interface Summary
FeatureValidation Defined a per Feature validation test.
IntegrityValidation Used to check geospatial information for integrity.
Validation Used to define a type of validation test that is performed on Features.
ValidationResults Collates results of validation operations.

Class Summary
DefaultFeatureValidation Tests to see if a Feature ...
DefaultFeatureValidationBeanInfo DefaultFeatureValidationBeanInfo purpose.
DefaultIntegrityValidation Tests to see if a Feature ...
DefaultIntegrityValidationBeanInfo DefaultFeatureValidationBeanInfo purpose.
PlugIn Contains the information required for Validation creation.
ValidationBeanInfo Utility class extending SimpleBeanInfo with our own helper functions.
ValidationProcessor ValidationProcessor Runs validation tests against Features and reports the outcome of the tests.
Validator Validator

Package org.geotools.validation Description

Defines the Validation Processor and Support classes.

The Validation Process is defined separately from GeoServer so that it may be reused in the future by other applications.

It is currently lurking in the geotools2 folder in the hopes that when it is finished it may be migrated to the Geotools2 library.

This work has been donated by Refractions Research as part of a GeoConnections funded Validating Web Feature Server project.

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