Package org.geotools.util

Contains utilities and addition to the collection framework.


Interface Summary
ProgressListener Monitor the progress of some lengthly operation.

Class Summary
AbstractInternationalString A string that has been internationalized into several locales.
CheckedArrayList Acts as a typed List while we wait for Java 5.0.
CheckedHashMap Acts as a typed Map while we wait for Java 5.0.
CheckedHashSet Acts as a typed Set while we wait for Java 5.0.
DerivedMap A map whose keys are derived from an other map.
DerivedSet A set whose values are derived from an other set.
DisjointSet A set which is disjoint from others s.
GenericName Base class for generic scoped and local name structure for type and attribute name in the context of name spaces.
GrowableInternationalString An implementation of international string using a map of strings for different locales.
KeySortedLinkedList Deprecated. Replaced by KeySortedList.
KeySortedLinkedListIterator Deprecated. Replaced by the standard J2SE Iterator.
KeySortedList List of elements sorted by a key which is not the element itself.
ListenerList This class is used to maintain a list of listeners, and is used in the implementations of several classes within JFace which allow you to register listeners of various kinds.
LocalName Identifier within a name space for a local object.
MapEntry A default implementation of Map.Entry which map an arbitrary key-value pairs.
MonolineFormatter A formatter writting log messages on a single line.
NameFactory A factory for GenericName objects.
NullProgressListener A default progress listener implementation suitable for subclassing.
NumberRange A range of numbers.
RangeSet An ordered set of ranges.
ResourceInternationalString An international string backed by a resource bundle.
ScopedName Fully qualified identifier for an object.
SimpleInternationalString A simple international string consisting of a single string for all locales.
Singleton A mutable set containing only one element.
WeakHashSet A set of objects hold by weak references.
WeakValueHashMap A hashtable-based Map implementation with weak values.

Exception Summary
UnsupportedImplementationException Throws when an operation can't use arbitrary implementation of an interface, and a given instance doesn't meet the requirement.

Package org.geotools.util Description

Contains utilities and addition to the collection framework. Some classes implements the Set interface and provides facilities for mutually exclusive set, caching or handling ranges of values.

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