Package org.geotools.referencing.wkt

Well Known Text (WKT) parsing and formatting.


Class Summary
AbstractConsole Base class for application performing operations on WKT objects from the command line.
AbstractParser Base class for Well Know Text (WKT) parser.
Element An element in a Well Know Text (WKT).
Formattable Base class for all object formattable as Well Known Text (WKT).
Formatter Format Formattable objects as Well Known Text (WKT).
MathTransformParser Parser for math transform Well Known Text (WKT) of math transform.
Parser Parser for Well Known Text (WKT).
Preprocessor A parser that performs string replacements before to delegate the work to an other parser.
Symbols The set of symbols to use for WKT parsing and formatting.

Exception Summary
UnformattableObjectException Thrown by Formattable.toWKT() when an object can't be formatted as WKT.

Package org.geotools.referencing.wkt Description

Well Known Text (WKT) parsing and formatting.

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