Package org.geotools.referencing.operation.transform

Basic implementations of math transforms.


Class Summary
AbstractMathTransform Provides a default implementation for most methods required by the MathTransform interface.
ConcatenatedTransform Base class for concatenated transform.
DimensionFilter An utility class for the separation of concatenation of pass through transforms.
ExponentialTransform1D A one dimensional exponentional transform.
ExponentialTransform1D.Provider The provider for the ExponentialTransform1D.
GeocentricTransform Transforms three dimensional geographic points to geocentric coordinate points.
GeocentricTransform.Provider The provider for GeocentricTransform.
GeocentricTransform.ProviderInverse The provider for inverse of GeocentricTransform.
GeocentricTranslation An affine transform applied on geocentric coordinates.
GeocentricTranslation.Provider Base class for geocentric affine transform providers.
GeocentricTranslation.ProviderFrameRotation Geocentric affine transform provider for "Coordinate Frame rotation".
GeocentricTranslation.ProviderSevenParam Base class for geocentric affine transform providers with rotation terms.
IdentityTransform The identity transform.
LinearTransform1D A one dimensional, linear transform.
LocalizationGrid A factory for MathTransform2D backed by a grid of localization.
LogarithmicTransform1D A one dimensional, logarithmic transform.
LogarithmicTransform1D.Provider The provider for the LogarithmicTransform1D.
MathTransformProxy A math transform which delegates part of its work to an other math transform.
MolodenskiTransform Two- or three-dimensional datum shift using the (potentially abridged) Molodensky transformation.
MolodenskiTransform.Provider The provider for MolodenskiTransform.
MolodenskiTransform.ProviderAbridged The provider for abridged MolodenskiTransform.
NADCONTransform Transform backed by the North American Datum Conversion grid.
NADCONTransform.Provider The provider for NADCONTransform.
PassThroughTransform Transform which passes through a subset of ordinates to another transform.
ProjectiveTransform A usually affine, or otherwise a projective transform.
ProjectiveTransform.ProviderAffine The provider for the "Affine general parametric transformation" (EPSG 9624).
ProjectiveTransform.ProviderLongitudeRotation The provider for the "Longitude rotation" (EPSG 9601).
WarpTransform2D Wraps an arbitrary Warp object as a two-dimensional transform.
WarpTransform2D.Provider The provider for the WarpTransform2D.

Package org.geotools.referencing.operation.transform Description

Basic implementations of math transforms. This package is mostly for internal purpose and should usually not be used directly. Consider using MathTransformFactory instead.

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