Package org.geotools.referencing.operation

Coordinate operation implementation.


Interface Summary
LinearTransform Interface for linear MathTransforms.

Class Summary
AbstractCoordinateOperation Establishes an association between a source and a target coordinate reference system, and provides a transform for transforming coordinates in the source CRS to coordinates in the target CRS.
AbstractCoordinateOperationFactory Base class for coordinate operation factories.
AuthorityBackedFactory A coordinate operation factory using the help of an authority factory.
DefaultConcatenatedOperation An ordered sequence of two or more single coordinate operations.
DefaultConicProjection Base class for conical map projections.
DefaultConversion An operation on coordinates that does not include any change of Datum.
DefaultCoordinateOperationFactory Creates coordinate operations.
DefaultCylindricalProjection Base class for cylindrical map projections.
DefaultMathTransformFactory Low level factory for creating math transforms.
DefaultOperation A parameterized mathematical operation on coordinates that transforms or converts coordinates to another coordinate reference system.
DefaultOperationMethod Definition of an algorithm used to perform a coordinate operation.
DefaultPassThroughOperation A pass-through operation specifies that a subset of a coordinate tuple is subject to a specific coordinate operation.
DefaultPlanarProjection Base class for for azimuthal (or planar) map projections.
DefaultProjection A conversion transforming (longitude,latitude) coordinates to cartesian coordinates (x,y).
DefaultSingleOperation A single (not concatenated) coordinate operation.
DefaultTransformation An operation on coordinates that usually includes a change of Datum.
DefiningConversion A conversion used for the definition of a derived CRS (including projections).
GeneralMatrix Deprecated. Moved to the org.geotools.referencing.operation.matrix package.
MathTransformProvider An operation method capable to creates a math transform from set of parameter values.
MathTransformProvider.Delegate The result of a call to createMathTransform.

Exception Summary
TransformPathNotFoundException Thrown when a transformation can't be performed because no path from source CRS to target CRS has been found.

Package org.geotools.referencing.operation Description

Coordinate operation implementation. An explanation for this package is provided in the OpenGIS® javadoc. The remaining discussion on this page is specific to the Geotools implementation.

How to know the available math transforms

The math transform factory search for all math transforms in the class path, not just Geotools implementations. To be found, math transforms must be registered as services in its JAR file, more specifically in the following JAR entry:


DefaultMathTransformFactory can be run from the command line in order to gets the list of all registered math transform, as in the example below:

java org.geotools.referencing.operation.DefaultMathTransformFactory

This will print a table with the name of all math transforms. If a name from this list is specified as a command-line argument, then the parameters expected by the nammed math transform will be listed. The example below prints the arguments expected by the "Mercator 1SP" map projection:

java org.geotools.referencing.operation.DefaultMathTransformFactory Mercator_1SP

Note that instead of the "Mercator_1SP" argument, alias can be specified as well. For example, "EPSG:9804" or just "9804" will produce the same result than above.

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