Package org.geotools.gui.swing

Miscellaneous widgets.


Interface Summary
DeformableViewer An interface for viewers that may be deformed by some artefacts.
Plot2D.Series A series to be displayed in a Plot2D widget.

Class Summary
About An "About" dialog box.
ColorBar Deprecated. Use ColorRamp instead.
ColorRamp A color ramp with a graduation.
CoordinateChooser Deprecated. Moved to the org.geotools.gui.swing.referencing package.
DisjointLists A widget showing selected and unselected items in two disjoint list.
ExceptionMonitor Utility which enables exception messages to be displayed in a Swing component.
FormatChooser Select the pattern to use for formating numbers, angles or dates.
FrameFactory A set of convenience methods for displaying geographic components in an Swing widget.
GradientKernelEditor A widget for editing the horizontal and vertical kernels for a gradient magnitude operation.
ImagePane A simple image viewer.
ImageProperties A panel showing image properties.
ImageSampleValues Display the image sample values as a table.
KernelEditor A widget for selecting and/or editing a KernelJAI object.
LoggingPanel A panel displaying logging messages.
LoggingPanel.Column Enumeration class for columns to be shown in a LoggingPanel.
MapPane A Swing component for displaying geographic features.
MapPaneImpl This widget is responsible for marshalling the rendering of a map.
OperationTreeBrowser Display a chain of images as a tree.
ParameterEditor An editor for arbitrary parameter object.
Plot2D A lightweight widget displaying two axis and an arbitrary amount of data series with zoom capability.
ProgressWindow Reports progress of a lengthly operation in a window.
RegisteredOperationBrowser Browse through the registered JAI operations.
RenderLayer summary sentence.
StatusBar A status bar.
StyledLiteRender summary sentence.
StyledMapPane A map pane which support styling.
ToolMenu Creates a JMenu for all the tools in the ToolList.
ZoomPane Base class for widget with a zoomable content.

Package org.geotools.gui.swing Description

Miscellaneous widgets.

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