Interface DeformableViewer

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public interface DeformableViewer

An interface for viewers that may be deformed by some artefacts. For example the ZoomPane viewer is capable to show a magnifying glass on top of the usual content. The presence of a magnifying glass deforms the viewer in that the apparent position of pixels within the glass are moved. The interface allows for corrections of apparent pixel position in order to get the position we would have if no deformations existed.

$Id: 17672 2006-01-19 00:25:55Z desruisseaux $
Martin Desruisseaux

Method Summary
 void correctApparentPixelPosition(java.awt.geom.Point2D point)
          Corrects a pixel's coordinates for removing the effect of the any kind of deformations.

Method Detail


public void correctApparentPixelPosition(java.awt.geom.Point2D point)
Corrects a pixel's coordinates for removing the effect of the any kind of deformations. An example of deformation is the zoom pane's magnifying glass. Without this method, transformations from pixels to geographic coordinates would not give exact results for pixels inside the magnifier since the magnifier moves the pixel's apparent position. Invoking this method will remove any deformation effects using the following steps:

point - In input, a pixel's coordinate as it appears on the screen. In output, the coordinate that the same pixel would have if the deformation wasn't presents.

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