Package org.geotools.gml

Reads GML files and translates them into Java objects.


Interface Summary
GMLHandlerFeature LEVEL4 saxGML4j GML handler: Gets features.
GMLHandlerGeometry LEVEL2 saxGML4j GML handler: Gets basic alerts from GMLFilterDocument.
GMLHandlerJTS LEVEL3 saxGML4j GML handler: Gets JTS objects.

Class Summary
GMLFilterDocument LEVEL1 saxGML4j GML filter: Sends basic alerts for GML types to GMLFilterGeometry.
GMLFilterFeature LEVEL3 GML filter: translates JTS elements and attribute data into features.
GMLFilterGeometry LEVEL2 saxGML4j GML filter: translates coordinates and GML events into OGC simple types.
SubHandler Specifies how a generic OGC simple geometry handler should behave.
SubHandlerBox Creates a simple OGC box.
SubHandlerFactory Creates the appropriate SubHandler element for a given OGC simple geometry type.
SubHandlerLinearRing Creates a simple OGC LinearRing (a closed LineString).
SubHandlerLineString Creates a simple OGC LineString element.
SubHandlerMulti Creates a MultiPoint, MultiLineString, or MultiPolygon geometry as required by the internal functions.
SubHandlerPoint Creates an OGC simple point.
SubHandlerPolygon Creates a Polygon geometry.
TestHandler Simple test implementation of GMLHandlerJTS.

Exception Summary
GMLException An exception used to represent any GML related errors.

Package org.geotools.gml Description

Reads GML files and translates them into Java objects.

Note that the final OGC simple geometry types used by these classes are the ones developed by Vivid Solutions as part of the Java Topology Suite.  However, this not the only type of Java object that may be generated by using this suite of filters.  For example, you could implement a GMLGeometryHandler to create custom geometry types or to store OGC simple types in your own custom format.  The illustration shows how this works.

GMLDocumentFilter reads in an arbitrary XML file, extracts all GML-namespace associate elements, and translates them into primitive geometry calls, handled by the GMLGeometryHandler.  Essentially, GMLDocumentFilter handles all coordinate parsing so that handlers further down the chain never see any character data within GML objects.

GMLGeometryFilter implements a GMLGeometryHandler and uses the SubHandlers to create finished JTS-based geometries.  This is the only object that GMLGeometryFilter passes on down the chain from the GML namespace.  All other XML is passed through without modification.

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