Package org.geotools.geometry.jts

Interface Summary
CoordinateSequenceTransformer Interface that should be implemented by classes able to apply the provided transformation to a coordinate sequence.

Class Summary
DefaultCoordinateSequenceTransformer A default implementation of coordinate sequence transformer.
FactoryFinder Defines static methods used to access geometry, coordinate sequence or precision model factories.
GeometryCoordinateSequenceTransformer Service object that takes a geometry an applies a MathTransform on top of it.
JTS JTS Geometry utility methods, bringing Geotools to JTS.
PreciseCoordinateSequenceTransformer This coordinate sequence transformer will take a Geometry and transform in a set of curved lines that will be "flattened" in order to get back a set of straight segments.
ReferencedEnvelope A JTS envelope associated with a coordinate reference system.

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