Package org.geotools.gce.arcgrid

A datasource to manage the ARCGrid ASCII format.


Class Summary
ArcGridFormat A simple implementation of the Arc Grid Format.
ArcGridFormatFactory Implementation of the GridCoverageFormat service provider interface for arc grid files.
ArcGridRaster Class user for parsing an ArcGrid header (.arc, .asc) file.
ArcGridReader This class can read an arc grid data source and create a grid coverage from the data.
ArcGridWriter ArcGridWriter Supports writing of an ArcGrid GridCoverage to an Desination object, provided the desination object can be converted to a PrintWriter with the IOExchange
GRASSArcGridRaster ArcGridRaster sub-instance that handles the "ArcGrid" format that GRASS outputs (a variation of the original format...)

Package org.geotools.gce.arcgrid Description

A datasource to manage the ARCGrid ASCII format. Loads the raster file but cannot georeference it, default georeferencing is WGS84 lat/long.

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