Package org.geotools.gc

Grid coverage implementation.


Interface Summary
GridCoverage.Remote Interface for OpenGIS's GC_GridCoverage capable to produce a RenderedImage.

Class Summary
Adapters Deprecated. The legacy OpenGIS GC package is deprecated.
GridCoverage Deprecated. Replaced by GridCoverage2D.
GridCoverageExchange Support for creation of grid coverages from persistent formats as well as exporting a grid coverage to a persistent formats.
GridGeometry Deprecated. Replaced by GeneralGridGeometry.
GridRange Deprecated. Replaced by GeneralGridRange.
ParameterInfo Deprecated. Replaced by ParameterDescriptor.

Exception Summary
InvalidGridGeometryException Deprecated. Replaced by InvalidGridGeometryException.

Package org.geotools.gc Description

Grid coverage implementation. In the Geotools implementation, all grid coverages are backed by RenderedImage objects.

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