Package org.geotools.filter.expression

Interface Summary
AttributeExpression The geotools representation of the PropertyName tag in an xml encoded filter.
BBoxExpression A convenience expression to form a geometry literal from an envelope.
Expression Defines an expression, the units that make up Filters.
ExpressionType The ExpressionType interface lists all the possible type of filter.
FunctionExpression Interface for a function expression implementation
LiteralExpression Defines an expression that holds a literal for return.
MathExpression Holds a mathematical relationship between two expressions.

Class Summary
AddImpl Implementation of Add expression.
ConstantExpression The Expression class is not immutable!
DivideImpl Implementation of divide expression.
ExpressionAbstract Abstract superclass of these Expression implementations.
FilterVisitorExpressionWrapper Wraps an instanceof of FilterVisitor in an ExpressionVisitor.
MultiplyImpl Implementation of Multiply expression.
SubtractImpl Implementation of Subtract expression.

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