Class FilterFactoryFinder

  extended byorg.geotools.filter.FilterFactoryFinder

public abstract class FilterFactoryFinder
extends java.lang.Object

This specifies the interface to create filters.

$Id: 17701 2006-01-23 00:00:51Z desruisseaux $
TODO: This needs to be massively overhauled. This should be the source of immutability of filters. See FeatureTypeFactory, as that provides a good example of what this should look like. The mutable factory to create immutable objects is a good model for this. The creation methods should only create fully formed filters. This in turn means that all the set functions in the filters should be eliminated. When rewriting this class/package, keep in mind FilterSAXParser in the filter module, as the factory should fit cleanly with that, and should handle sax parsing without too much memory overhead., REVISIT: resolve errors, should all throw errors?

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static FilterFactory createFilterFactory()
          Creates an instance of a Filter factory.
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Constructor Detail


public FilterFactoryFinder()
Method Detail


public static FilterFactory createFilterFactory()
                                         throws FactoryConfigurationError
Creates an instance of a Filter factory.

An instance of the Filter factory.
FactoryConfigurationError - If a factory is not found.

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