Package org.geotools.feature

Interface Summary
AttributeType Stores metadata about a single attribute object.
CollectionListener Interface to be implemented by all listeners of CollectionEvents.
Feature Represents a feature of arbitrary complexity.
FeatureAttributeType A FeatureType aware Feature AttributeType.
FeatureCollection Represents a collection of features.
FeatureCollectionIteration.Handler A callback handler for the iteration of the contents of a FeatureCollection.
FeatureFactory An interface for the construction of Features.
FeatureIndex An Index is built up around a FeatureCollection, using one of the attributes in the FeatureCollection as a comparable reference.
FeatureIterator A drop in replacement for Iterator that does not require casting for Java 1.4 code.
FeatureList An ordered List of Features.
FeatureType A metadata template for a Feature of arbitrary complexity.
GeometryAttributeType A CoordianteSystem aware Geometry AttributeType.
IndexedFeatureCollection An IndexedFeatureCollection extends the functionality of FeatureCollection by allowing FeatureIndex attachement.
PrimativeAttributeType Adds the ability to have restrictions on a particular data primitive in a declarative manner.
SimpleFeature A simple feature is one that does not have any nested attributes, and that has no multiplicity for each attribute.

Class Summary
AbstractFeatureCollection Deprecated. Unused, moved to org.geotools.feature.collection
AttributeTypeFactory Abstract class for AttributeType factories.
AttributeTypes Proposal: AttributeType utilities class.
CollectionEvent A simple event object to represent all events triggered by FeatureCollection instances (typically change events).
DefaultAttributeType Simple, immutable class to store attributes.
DefaultAttributeTypeFactory Factory for creating DefaultAttributeTypes.
DefaultFeature Provides a more efficient feature representation for the flat and complex features.
DefaultFeatureCollection A basic implementation of FeatureCollection which use a TreeMap for its internal storage.
DefaultFeatureCollections Concrete extension to FeatureCollections to create DefaultFeatureCollections.
DefaultFeatureType A basic implementation of FeatureType.
DefaultFeatureTypeFactory A simple DefaultFeatureTypeFactory which stores its Attributes in a list.
Feature.NULL Not straight forward, this is a "null" object to represent the value null for a given attribute which is nullable.
FeatureCollectionIteration The FeatureCollectionIteration provides a depth first traversal of a FeatureCollection which will call the provided call-back Handler.
FeatureCollections A utility class for working with FeatureCollections.
FeatureComparators A utility class for creating simple Comparators for Features.
FeatureComparators.Index A Comparator which performs the comparison on attributes at a given index.
FeatureComparators.Name A Comparator which performs the comparison on attributes with a given name.
FeatureReaderIterator An iterator that wraps around a FeatureReader.
FeatureTypeBuilder A schema builder, because FeatureTypes are meant to be immutable, this object is mutable.
FeatureTypeFactory Deprecated. Please use FeatureTypeBuilder
FeatureTypes Utility methods for working against the FeatureType interface.
MultiAttributeType Class to handle more than one occurance of an attribute.
Schema This class contains utility methods focused on the schema represented by the FeatureType data model.
SimpleFeatureType A basic implementation of FeatureType.

Exception Summary
IllegalAttributeException Indicates client class has attempted to create an invalid feature.
SchemaException Indicates client class has attempted to create an invalid schema.

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