Interface PrimativeAttributeType

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
FeatureAttributeType, GeometryAttributeType
All Known Implementing Classes:
ChoiceAttributeType.Geometric, GeometricAttributeType, NumericAttributeType, TemporalAttributeType, TextualAttributeType

public interface PrimativeAttributeType
extends AttributeType

Adds the ability to have restrictions on a particular data primitive in a declarative manner. Standard expectations include internal validation using the specified restrictions, and that the restrictions are immutable.


Field Summary
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Method Summary
 Filter getRestriction()
          This provides access to the immutable restriction for this attribute type.
Methods inherited from interface org.geotools.feature.AttributeType
createDefaultValue, duplicate, getMaxOccurs, getMinOccurs, getName, getType, isNillable, parse, validate

Method Detail


public Filter getRestriction()
This provides access to the immutable restriction for this attribute type. This restriction should be applied when real data hits instances of this class. This mapps to the idea of a Facet in xml schema, or restrictions in a database. Examples may include Length <= 20 (VARCHAR 20) The Default value is Filter.ALL

Specified by:
getRestriction in interface AttributeType
the restriction for applied to this attribute type, or Filter.ALL. Mat not be null.
See Also:
Filter, Filter.ALL

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