Coverage implementation.


Class Summary
Adapters Deprecated. The legacy OpenGIS CV package is deprecated.
Category Deprecated. Replaced by Category in the org.geotools.coverage package.
ColorInterpretation Deprecated. Replaced by ColorInterpretation in the org.opengis.coverage package.
Coverage Deprecated. Replaced by org.geotools.coverage.Coverage in the org.geotools.coverage package.
SampleDimension Deprecated. Replaced by GridSampleDimension in the org.geotools.coverage package.
SampleDimensionType Deprecated. Replaced by SampleDimensionType in the org.opengis.coverage package.
ScaledColorSpace Deprecated. Replaced by ScaledColorSpace in the org.geotools.coverage package.

Exception Summary
PointOutsideCoverageException Deprecated. Will be replaced by PointOutsideCoverageException (from the org.geotools.coverage package) in a future version.

Package Description

Coverage implementation. The following is an extract from OpenGIS? Grid Coverages Implementation Specification:

The essential property of coverage is to be able to generate a value for any point within its domain. How coverage is represented internally is not a concern. For example consider the following different internal representations of coverage:

  1. A coverage may be represented by a set of polygons which exhaustively tile a plane (that is each point on the plane falls in precisely one polygon). The value returned by the coverage for a point is the value of an attribute of the polygon that contains the point.
  2. A coverage may be represented by a grid of values. The value returned by the coverage for a point is that of the grid value whose location is nearest the point.
  3. Coverage may be represented by a mathematical function. The value returned by the coverage for a point is just the return value of the function when supplied the coordinates of the point as arguments.
  4. Coverage may be represented by combination of these. For example, coverage may be represented by a combination of mathematical functions valid over a set of polynomials.

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