Package org.geotools.ct.proj

A set of map projections implementations.


Class Summary
AlbersEqualArea Deprecated. Replaced by AlbersEqualArea.
ConicProjection Deprecated.  
CylindricalProjection Deprecated.  
EquatorialOrthographic Deprecated.  
EquatorialStereographic Deprecated.  
LambertConformal Deprecated. Replaced by .
MapProjection Deprecated. Replaced by MapProjection.
Mercator Deprecated. Replaced by .
ObliqueOrthographic Deprecated.  
ObliqueStereographic Deprecated.  
Orthographic Deprecated. Replaced by Orthographic.
PlanarProjection Deprecated.  
PolarOrthographic Deprecated.  
PolarStereographic Deprecated.  
Provider Deprecated. Replaced by MapProjection provider.
Stereographic Deprecated. Replaced by Stereographic.
TransverseMercator Deprecated. Replaced by TransverseMercator.

Exception Summary
PointOutsideEnvelopeException Deprecated. Replaced by PointOutsideEnvelopeException.
ProjectionException Deprecated. Replaced by ProjectionException.

Package org.geotools.ct.proj Description

A set of map projections implementations. Map projections are the process of transforming (longitude,latitude) coordinates in degrees to cartesian coordinates (x,y) in metres. Map projections are implementations of MathTransform2D. This package is for internal use by the org.geotools.ct. package and should not be used directly in normal use.

Most projections expect the following parameters: "semi_major" (mandatory), "semi_minor" (mandatory), "central_meridian" (default to 0), "latitude_of_origin" (default to 0), "scale_factor" (default to 1), "false_easting" (default to 0) and "false_northing" (default to 0). The following table list the projection available in this package together with the extra-parameters expected by some of them.

Implementation Classification EPSG code Mean parameters
LambertConformal Lambert_Conformal_Conic_1SP 9801 latitude_of_origin
Lambert_Conformal_Conic_2SP 9802 standard_parallel_1
Lambert_Conformal_Conic_2SP_Belgium 9803 standard_parallel_1
Mercator Mercator_1SP 9804 scale_factor
Mercator_2SP 9805 standard_parallel_1
TransverseMercator Transverse_Mercator 9807 scale_factor
ObliqueStereographic Oblique_Stereographic 9809 scale_factor
PolarStereographic Polar_Stereographic 9810 scale_factor
Orthographic Orthographic ---- latitude_of_origin
AlbersEqualArea Albers_Conic_Equal_Area 9822 standard_parallel_1

Notes on projection accuracy

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