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Project Preferences

Project preferences and its children provides options for modifying the defaults and behavior of creating projects and the elements that can be contained by projects.

Layer Preferences

Currently there are no layer level preferences that can be set. Future versions will provide options that can be set for layers.

Map Preferences

Map Preference page is used to supply system wide defaults for the Map Editor.

Remove Temporary Layers on exit

When checked this option will remove temporary layers from the map. If it is not checked the layer will stay in the map, but all data is lost since the layer is temporary. This option can be useful if the FeatureType is complex and recreating the FeatureType can be time consuming.

Default is checked

EPSG code of default CRS

Declares what the default CRS is, a value of -1 is used to indicate that the value should be determiend from the data.

You may wish to change this setting when working with a large number of shapefiles that make use of the same projection.

The default value is -1.

Default map background color

The color of the map’s background.

Default is white.

Selection Color

The color that selected feature will be drawn in.

Default is dark yellow.

Printing Preferences

Available Preferences

Default Template - Declares what page template should be used by default.

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