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Hi my name is Jody Garnett and I am the architect of the uDig project; welcome to my community plugins. These plugins are ideas or experiments being considered for the uDig application.

Features Added to the Application

Visual_feature Feature 1.0.0:


  1. Open up Help ‣ Find and Install... from the menu bar
  2. Select the Search for New Features to Install radio button and press Next
  3. Click on the New Remote Site button and provide the following:
  4. Place a check mark for Community Updates and press Finish
  5. The update manager will now search this web site for new features.
  6. From the Search Results page place a checkmark next to Jody > Visual_feature Feature 1.0.0 and press Next to download.
  7. Agree to the licese (no I did not provide one yet)
  8. Confirm the installation location
  9. When you get a warning about this feature not being signed just click Install All
  10. When prompted press Yes to restart uDig

How you can Help

Some of these plugins are nifity and down right useful; what they lack is:

  • testing - try out these plugins, give me feedback (even if they work!). Unless we put the time in to test and have confidence in these plugins they will remain as experiments.
  • polish - we need to make sure the workflow is friendly and the icons make sense and all the usual care and attention required for integration with the uDig application
  • time (or funding) - if you can help out with feedback that would be great, if you can help out with funds (perhaps you need a north arrow for your application?) that would be good too. If you can help out with patches that would be wonderful
  • documentation

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