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Axios uDig Extensions

Welcome to Axios community space; Axios has been kind enough to make some community plug-ins available for using.

For further information about Axios Extensions, please visit our personal community site here.

Features Added to the Application



  1. Open up Help ‣ Find and Install... from the menu bar
  2. Select the Search for New Features to Install radio button and press Next
  3. Check the uDig 1.1 Discovery Site and press Finish
  4. From the Search Results page place a checkmark next to the latest release available in Axios ‣ es.axios.udig.extensions and press Next to download.
  5. Agree to the license (which is LGPL)
  6. Confirm the installation location
  7. When you get a warning about this feature not being signed just click Install All
  8. When prompted press Yes to restart uDig


Updating previous es.axios.udig.extensions

If you have a previous release (1.1.0-rc9 or older) in your desk, you must delete it. To do that follow this instructions:

  • Go to your uDig installation directory.
  • Delete features/es.axios.udig.extensions_1.1.0.rc*
  • Delete plugins/es.axios.udig.*
  • Now follow the Install instructions detailed previously. You should see the new Axios release.

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