Package org.geotools.xml.handlers.xsi

Overview This package contains information about xml schemas, and processes to create parse and interpret Schema.


Class Summary
AllHandler AllHandler purpose.
AnyAttributeHandler AnyAttributeHandler purpose.
AnyHandler AnyHandler purpose.
AttributeGroupHandler AttributeGroupHandler purpose.
AttributeHandler AttributeHandler purpose.
ChoiceHandler ChoiceHandler purpose.
ComplexContentHandler represents a complex content element
ComplexTypeHandler ComplexTypeHandler purpose.
ElementGroupingHandler Allows the developer to avoid instanceof operators when wishing to compress.
ElementTypeHandler ElementTypeHandler purpose.
ExtensionHandler Represents an Extension element
FacetHandler FacetHandler purpose.
FieldHandler FieldHandler purpose.
GroupHandler GroupHandler purpose.
IgnoreHandler Used to represent elements which are not important to our parse, basically place holders.
ImportHandler ImportHandler purpose.
IncludeHandler ImportHandler purpose.
KeyHandler KeyHandler purpose.
KeyrefHandler KeyrefHandler purpose.
ListHandler ListHandler purpose.
RedefineHandler RedefineHandler purpose.
RestrictionHandler RestrictionHandler purpose.
RootHandler RootHandler purpose.
SchemaHandler SchemaHandler purpose.
SelectorHandler SelectorHandler purpose.
SequenceHandler SequenceHandler purpose.
SimpleContentHandler represtents a simpleContent element
SimpleTypeHandler SimpleTypeHandler purpose.
UnionHandler UnionHandler purpose.
UniqueHandler UniqueHandler purpose.

Package org.geotools.xml.handlers.xsi Description


This package contains information about xml schemas, and processes to create parse and interpret Schema. One of the more important function is the simplification of a Schema into the interface in the xsi package, as well as compressing some of the heirarchy.

These classes should be used by assessing the SchemaFactory.

Future Work / Caveat

Work can be completed on two fronts, improving the compression algorithms for the Schema compression. The second major work for this schema should be to encode the Schema parsing (this package) as a Schema Object, using the document parser to complete the same task through an xsi extension.

Although it was evident early on that these tasks were similar, the exact nature and method of bootstrapping the process was not evident. Converting these classes to a Schema definition similar to GML would simplify the code, making it easier to maintain.

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