Interface Symbolizer

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All Known Subinterfaces:
LineSymbolizer, PointSymbolizer, PolygonSymbolizer, RasterSymbolizer, TextSymbolizer, TextSymbolizer2
All Known Implementing Classes:
LineSymbolizerImpl, PointSymbolizerImpl, PolygonSymbolizerImpl, RasterSymbolizerImpl, TextSymbolizerImpl

public interface Symbolizer
extends GTComponent

This is the parent interface of all Symbolizers.

A symbolizer describes how a feature should appear on a map. The symbolizer describes not just the shape that should appear but also such graphical properties as color and opacity.

A symbolizer is obtained by specifying one of a small number of different types of symbolizer and then supplying parameters to overide its default behaviour.

The details of this object are taken from the OGC Styled-Layer Descriptor Report (OGC 02-070) version 1.0.0.

Renderers can use this information when displaying styled features, though it must be remembered that not all renderers will be able to fully represent strokes as set out by this interface. For example, opacity may not be supported.

The graphical parameters and their values are derived from SVG/CSS2 standards with names and semantics which are as close as possible.

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James Macgill, CCG

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 void accept(StyleVisitor visitor)
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public void accept(StyleVisitor visitor)

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