Package org.geotools.resources

A set of helper classes for Geotools implementation; Do not use!


Interface Summary
Formattable Interface for object that can be formatted as Well Known Text (WKT), but can't extends Formattable.
RemoteProxy Deprecated. This interface was used by the legacy CTS packages, which are going to be removed.

Class Summary
Arguments A helper class for parsing command-line arguments.
CharUtilities A set of utilities for characters handling.
ClassChanger A central place to register transformations between an arbitrary class and a Number.
CRSUtilities A set of static methods working on OpenGIS® coordinate reference system objects.
CTSUtilities Deprecated. Use CRSUtilities instead.
DescriptorNaming Deprecated. Was used for the legacy CTS implementation only.
GraphicsUtilities A set of utilities methods for painting in a Graphics2D handle.
JDBC A set of utilities methods related to JDBC (Java Database Connectivity).
LazySet An immutable set built from an iterator, which will be filled only when needed.
LegacyGCSUtilities Deprecated. Replaced by CoverageUtilities.
NIOUtilities Utility class for managing memory mapped buffers.
ResourceBundle {link java.util.ResourceBundle} implementation using integers instead of strings for resource keys.
SwingUtilities A collection of utility methods for Swing.
TestData Provides access to directories associated with JUnit tests.
UnmodifiableArrayList An unmodifiable view of an array.
Utilities A set of miscellaneous methods.
WKTElement Deprecated. Rempaced by Element.
WKTFormat Deprecated. Rempaced by org.geotools.referencing.wkt.AbstractFormat.
XArray Simple operations on arrays.
XMath Simple mathematical functions.

Package org.geotools.resources Description

A set of helper classes for Geotools implementation; Do not use!. This package is for internal use only. Classes in this package may change in incompatible ways in any future version.

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