Package org.geotools.renderer.geom

Shape implementations used for the rendering of geographic features.


Class Summary
Arrow2D Arrow oriented toward positives x values (0? arithmetic).
Clipper The clipping area to apply on a Geometry object.
CompressionLevel The compression level for coordinate points in a Geometry object.
Geometry Base class for geometric shape to be rendered in a given coordinate system.
GeometryCollection A collection of geometry shapes.
GeometryProxy A geometry wrapping an existing geometry object with a different style.
JTSGeometries A geometry collection backed by one or many JTS Geometry objects.
Point A wrapper around a single JTS Coordinate object to adapt it to the the Geometry hierarchy.
Polygon A polygon bounded by one exterior ring (the "shell") and zero or more interior rings (the "holes").
Polyline A succession of lines linked by their extremities.

Exception Summary
UnmodifiableGeometryException Throws when an attempt is made to modify a geometry, but this geometry is part of an other geometry.

Package org.geotools.renderer.geom Description

Shape implementations used for the rendering of geographic features. Some classes in this package are just ordinary Java2D shapes (for example Arrow2D, which can be used for rendering wind fields). Some other are more elaborated: they extend Geometry, which has support for setting the coordinate system, rendering resolution, etc. Those classes are not designed for spatial analysis or topology: they are not a replacement for JTS, neither an implementation of ISO-19107. They are rather wrapper around arbitrary source of (x,y) coordinates to be rendered.



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