Package org.geotools.referencing.factory

Base classes for factories and authority factories.


Class Summary
AbstractAuthorityFactory Base class for authority factories.
AbstractFactory Base class for all factories in the referencing module.
AllAuthoritiesFactory An authority factory that delegates the object creation to an other factory determined from the authority name in the code.
AuthorityFactoryAdapter An authority factory which delegates CRS, CS or datum objects creation to some other factory implementations.
BufferedAuthorityFactory An authority factory that caches all objects created by an other factory.
DatumAliases A datum factory that add aliases to a datum name before to delegates the datum creation to an other factory.
DeferredAuthorityFactory A buffered authority factory which will defer the creation of a backing store until when first needed.
FactoryGroup A set of utilities methods working on factories.
GeotoolsFactory Builds Geotools implementations of CRS, CS and datum objects.
IdentifiedObjectSet A lazy set of identified objects.
OrderedAxisAuthorityFactory An authority factory which delegates all the work to an other factory, and reorder the axis in some pre-determined order.
PropertyAuthorityFactory Default implementation for a coordinate reference system authority factory backed by a property file.

Exception Summary
FactoryNotFoundException Thrown when a requested factory has not been found.

Package org.geotools.referencing.factory Description

Base classes for factories and authority factories.

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