Package org.geotools.openoffice

Provides Geotools functionalities as add-ins for OpenOffice.


Interface Summary
XNature Services from the org.geotools.nature package to be exported to OpenOffice.
XReferencing Services from the org.geotools.referencing package to be exported to OpenOffice.

Class Summary
Formulas Base class for methods to export as formulas in the OpenOffice spread sheet.
MethodInfo Information about a method to be exported as OpenOffice add-in.
Nature Exports methods from the org.geotools.nature package as OpenOffice add-ins.
Referencing Exports methods from the org.geotools.referencing package as OpenOffice add-ins.
Registration The registration of all formulas provided in this package.

Package org.geotools.openoffice Description

Provides Geotools functionalities as add-ins for OpenOffice.

Compilation and deployment instruction

All Java interfaces are generated from IDL files with the same name. As long as Java/IDL interfaces are not modified, there is no need for the OpenOffice SDK. But if any interface is modified, then steps 1 to 3 below must be done. Steps 5 to 7 are performed by Maven, but are cited here for completness. Step 8 must be executed on the client machine (users can also use the "Tools / Package manager" menu from OpenOffice GUI).

Tool Provided with
idlc OpenOffice SDK
regmerge OpenOffice SDK
javamaker OpenOffice SDK
javap Java SDK
javac Java SDK
jar Java SDK
zip Unix distribution
unopkg OpenOffice suite


Required OOo JARs
  1. Compiles the UNO binary file

    idlc -C -cid -w -I $OO_SDK_HOME/idl org/geotools/openoffice/XReferencing.idl
  2. Compiles the UNO registry file

    regmerge geotools.rdb /UCR org/geotools/openoffice/XReferencing.urd
  3. Creates the file for Java interfaces

    javamaker -BUCR -nD -Torg.geotools.openoffice.XReferencing geotools.rdb $OFFICE_PROGRAM_PATH/types.rdb
  4. Derives a source from the file

    javap org.geotools.openoffice.XReferencing

  5. Compiles source files

    javac org/geotools/openoffice/*.java
  6. Creates the file

    jar -cfm0 openoffice-2.3-SNAPSHOT.jar META-INF/MANIFEST.MF org/geotools/openoffice/*.class
  7. Creates the file

    zip -9 geotools.rdb openoffice-2.3-SNAPSHOT.jar META-INF/manifest.xml

  8. Register the component to OpenOffice

    unopkg add

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