Package org.geotools.metadata.iso.quality

Data quality implementation.


Class Summary
AbsoluteExternalPositionalAccuracyImpl Closeness of reported coordinate values to values accepted as or being true.
AccuracyOfATimeMeasurementImpl Correctness of the temporal references of an item (reporting of error in time measurement).
CompletenessCommissionImpl Excess data present in the dataset, as described by the scope.
CompletenessImpl Presence and absence of features, their attributes and their relationships.
CompletenessOmissionImpl Data absent from the dataset, as described by the scope.
ConceptualConsistencyImpl Adherence to rules of the conceptual schema.
ConformanceResultImpl Information about the outcome of evaluating the obtained value (or set of values) against a specified acceptable conformance quality level.
DataQualityImpl Quality information for the data specified by a data quality scope.
DomainConsistencyImpl Adherence of values to the value domains.
ElementImpl Type of test applied to the data specified by a data quality scope.
FormalConsistencyImpl Degree to which data is stored in accordance with the physical structure of the dataset, as described by the scope.
GriddedDataPositionalAccuracyImpl Closeness of gridded data position values to values accepted as or being true.
LogicalConsistencyImpl Degree of adherence to logical rules of data structure, attribution and relationships (data structure can be conceptual, logical or physical).
NonQuantitativeAttributeCorrectnessImpl Correctness of non-quantitative attributes.
PositionalAccuracyImpl Accuracy of the position of features.
QuantitativeAttributeAccuracyImpl Accuracy of quantitative attributes.
QuantitativeResultImpl Information about the value (or set of values) obtained from applying a data quality measure.
RelativeInternalPositionalAccuracyImpl Closeness of the relative positions of features in the scope to their respective relative positions accepted as or being true.
ResultImpl Type of test applied to the data specified by a data quality scope.
ScopeImpl Description of the data specified by the scope.
TemporalAccuracyImpl Accuracy of the temporal attributes and temporal relationships of features.
TemporalConsistencyImpl Correctness of ordered events or sequences, if reported.
TemporalValidityImpl Validity of data specified by the scope with respect to time.
ThematicAccuracyImpl Accuracy of quantitative attributes and the correctness of non-quantitative attributes and of the classifications of features and their relationships.
ThematicClassificationCorrectnessImpl Comparison of the classes assigned to features or their attributes to a universe of discourse.
TopologicalConsistencyImpl Correctness of the explicitly encoded topological characteristics of the dataset as described by the scope.

Package org.geotools.metadata.iso.quality Description

Data quality implementation. An explanation for this package is provided in the OpenGIS® javadoc. The remaining discussion on this page is specific to the Geotools implementation.

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