Package org.geotools.metadata.iso.citation

Citation implementation.


Class Summary
AddressImpl Location of the responsible individual or organization.
CitationDateImpl Reference date and event used to describe it.
CitationImpl Standardized resource reference.
Citations A set of pre-defined constants and static methods working on citations.
ContactImpl Information required to enable contact with the responsible person and/or organization.
OnLineResourceImpl Information about on-line sources from which the dataset, specification, or community profile name and extended metadata elements can be obtained.
ResponsiblePartyImpl Identification of, and means of communication with, person(s) and organizations associated with the dataset.
SeriesImpl Information about the series, or aggregate dataset, to which a dataset belongs.
TelephoneImpl Telephone numbers for contacting the responsible individual or organization.

Package org.geotools.metadata.iso.citation Description

Citation implementation. An explanation for this package is provided in the OpenGIS® javadoc. The remaining discussion on this page is specific to the Geotools implementation.

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