Helper classes for GridCoverageExchange.


Class Summary
ExoreferencedGridCoverageReader Deprecated. Replaced by ExoreferencedGridCoverageReader.
GridCoverageReader Deprecated. Replaced by AbstractGridCoverageReader.
PropertyParser Deprecated. Replaced by
PropertyParser.Key A key for fetching property in a format independent way.

Exception Summary
AmbiguousPropertyException Deprecated. Replaced by AmbiguousMetadataException.
MissingPropertyException Deprecated. Replaced by MissingMetadataException.
PropertyException Deprecated. Replaced by MetadataException.

Package Description

Helper classes for GridCoverageExchange. GridCoverageReader is the base class for any object capable to read a GridCoverage object.

Sometime, remote sensing data are not contained in a single file. For example it is common to find sample values in a raw binary file (a flat matrix), and metadata informations in a separated text file. There is a wide variety of formats for such text file, and supporting them is not always straightforward. PropertyParser is a helper class for making this kind of work easier.

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