Package org.geotools.image.jai

A set of Java Advanced Imaging operations.


Interface Summary
CombineTransform Transforms the sample values for one pixel during a "Combine" operation.

Class Summary
Combine Computes a set of arbitrary linear combinations of the bands of many rendered source images, using a specified matrix.
CombineCRIF The image factory for the Combine operation.
CombineDescriptor The operation descriptor for the Combine operation.
Hysteresis Effectue un seuillage par hysteresis sur une image.
HysteresisCRIF The factory for the Hysteresis operation.
HysteresisDescriptor The descriptor for the Hysteresis operation.
NodataFilter Replaces Double.NaN values by the weighted average of neighbors values.
NodataFilterCRIF The factory for the NodataFilter operation.
NodataFilterDescriptor The descriptor for the NodataFilter operation.
Registry A set of static methods for managing JAI's operation registry.

Package org.geotools.image.jai Description

A set of Java Advanced Imaging operations. All operations defined here work on J2SE's rendered images; there is no OpenGIS's grid coverage depencencies here.

The JAI operations provided in this package should be registered automatically at JAI startup time, since they are declared in the file. However, this default JAI mechanism may fail in some occasions, for example when the Geotools JAR file is unreachable from the JAI class loader. In such case, the registerGeotoolsServices method may be invoked programmatically as a fallback. This is done automatically by the org.geotools.coverage.processing package; users need to care only if they want to use directly the custom JAI operations provided in this package.

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