Class TextMatrixImageReader.Spi

  extended byjavax.imageio.spi.IIOServiceProvider
      extended byjavax.imageio.spi.ImageReaderWriterSpi
          extended byjavax.imageio.spi.ImageReaderSpi
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public static class TextMatrixImageReader.Spi
extends TextImageReader.Spi

Service provider interface (SPI) for TextMatrixImageReaders. This SPI provides all necessary implementations for creating default TextMatrixImageReader. Subclasses only have to set some fields at construction time, e.g.:

 public final class MyCustomSpi extends TextMatrixImageReader.Spi
     public MyCustomSpi()
         super("MyCustomFormat", "text/matrix");
         vendorName = "Institut de Recherche pour le D?veloppement";
         version    = "1.0";
         locale     = Locale.US;
         charset    = Charset.forName("ISO-LATIN-1");
         padValue   = 9999;
(Note: fields and are only informatives). There is no need to override any method in this example. However, developers can gain more control by creating subclasses of TextMatrixImageReader and and overriding some of their methods.

Martin Desruisseaux

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
charset, locale, padValue
Fields inherited from class javax.imageio.spi.ImageReaderSpi
inputTypes, STANDARD_INPUT_TYPE, writerSpiNames
Fields inherited from class javax.imageio.spi.ImageReaderWriterSpi
extraImageMetadataFormatClassNames, extraImageMetadataFormatNames, extraStreamMetadataFormatClassNames, extraStreamMetadataFormatNames, MIMETypes, names, nativeImageMetadataFormatClassName, nativeImageMetadataFormatName, nativeStreamMetadataFormatClassName, nativeStreamMetadataFormatName, pluginClassName, suffixes, supportsStandardImageMetadataFormat, supportsStandardStreamMetadataFormat
Fields inherited from class javax.imageio.spi.IIOServiceProvider
vendorName, version
Constructor Summary
          Construct a new SPI with name "matrix" and MIME type "text/matrix".
TextMatrixImageReader.Spi(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String mime)
          Construct a new SPI for TextMatrixImageReader.
Method Summary
 javax.imageio.ImageReader createReaderInstance(java.lang.Object extension)
          Returns an instance of the ImageReader implementation associated with this service provider.
 java.lang.String getDescription(java.util.Locale locale)
          Returns a brief, human-readable description of this service provider and its associated implementation.
Methods inherited from class
canDecodeInput, canDecodeInput, canDecodeLine
Methods inherited from class javax.imageio.spi.ImageReaderSpi
createReaderInstance, getImageWriterSpiNames, getInputTypes, isOwnReader
Methods inherited from class javax.imageio.spi.ImageReaderWriterSpi
getExtraImageMetadataFormatNames, getExtraStreamMetadataFormatNames, getFileSuffixes, getFormatNames, getImageMetadataFormat, getMIMETypes, getNativeImageMetadataFormatName, getNativeStreamMetadataFormatName, getPluginClassName, getStreamMetadataFormat, isStandardImageMetadataFormatSupported, isStandardStreamMetadataFormatSupported
Methods inherited from class javax.imageio.spi.IIOServiceProvider
getVendorName, getVersion, onDeregistration, onRegistration
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public TextMatrixImageReader.Spi()
Construct a new SPI with name "matrix" and MIME type "text/matrix".


public TextMatrixImageReader.Spi(java.lang.String name,
                                 java.lang.String mime)
Construct a new SPI for TextMatrixImageReader. This constructor initialize the following fields to default values:

name - Format name, or to let ImageReaderWriterSpi.names unset.
mime - MIME type, or to let ImageReaderWriterSpi.MIMETypes unset.
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getDescription(java.util.Locale locale)
Returns a brief, human-readable description of this service provider and its associated implementation. The resulting string should be localized for the supplied locale, if possible.

locale - A Locale for which the return value should be localized.
A String containing a description of this service provider.


public javax.imageio.ImageReader createReaderInstance(java.lang.Object extension)
Returns an instance of the ImageReader implementation associated with this service provider.

extension - An optional extension object, which may be null.
An image reader instance.
Throws: - if the attempt to instantiate the reader fails.

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