Interface Summary
DescribeLayerRequest Retrieves information about the layers or feature types available on the Web Map Server.
GetFeatureInfoRequest Information required for a GetFeatureInfo request.
GetLegendGraphicRequest A request used to get the legend graphic for a given layer
GetMapRequest Construct a WMS getMap request.
GetStylesRequest Represents a GetStyles Request
PutStylesRequest Represents a PutStyles request
Request This represents a Request to be made against a Web Map Server.

Class Summary
AbstractDescribeLayerRequest Describes an abstract DescribeLayer request.
AbstractGetCapabilitiesRequest DOCUMENT ME!
AbstractGetFeatureInfoRequest A base class for GetFeatureInfoRequests that provides some functionality.
AbstractGetLegendGraphicRequest Provides functionality for a basic GetLegendGraphic request
AbstractGetStylesRequest Provides functionality for a basic getStyles request
AbstractPutStylesRequest Presents basic functionality for a PutStyles request
AbstractRequest A class that provides functionality for performing basic requests

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