Interface Summary
ShapeHandler A ShapeHandler defines what is needed to construct and persist geometries based upon the shapefile specification.

Class Summary
IndexFile IndexFile parser for .shx files.
JTSUtilities A collection of utility methods for use with JTS and the shapefile package.
MultiLineHandler The default JTS handler for shapefile.
PointHandler Wrapper for a Shapefile point.
PolygonHandler Wrapper for a Shapefile polygon.
ShapefileReader The general use of this class is: FileChannel in = new FileInputStream("thefile.dbf").getChannel(); ShapefileReader r = new ShapefileReader( in ) while (r.hasNext()) { Geometry shape = (Geometry) r.nextRecord().shape() // do stuff } r.close(); You don't have to immediately ask for the shape from the record.
ShapefileWriter ShapefileWriter allows for the storage of geometries in esris shp format.
ShapeType Not much but a type safe enumeration of file types as ints and names.

Exception Summary
ShapefileException Thrown when an error relating to the shapefile occures

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