Interface Summary
QueryDataObserver This is a tagging interface that identifies an object as an observer of QueryData.
SQLBuilder Provides an interface for SQL statement construction.

Class Summary
ConnectionPool Provides a ConnectionPool that can be used by multiple data sources to get connections to a single database.
ConnectionPoolManager Provides a Singleton manager of connection pools.
DefaultSQLBuilder Builds a complete SQL query to select the specified attributes for the specified feature type, using a specified filter to generate a WHERE clause.
FeatureTypeHandler This class acts as a manager for FIDMappers and FeatureTypeInfo on behalf of a JDBCDataStore.
FeatureTypeInfo Stores information about known FeatureTypes.
JDBC1DataStore Abstract class for JDBC based DataStore implementations.
JDBC2DataStore This JDBCDataStore is able to take advantage of additonal functionality provided by JDBC2 level drivers - for example ConnectionPools.
JDBCDataStore Abstract class for JDBC (level2) based DataStore implementations.
JDBCDataStoreConfig Configuration object for JDBCDataStore.
JDBCFeatureLocking A Starting point for your own FeatureLocking implementations.
JDBCFeatureReader JDBCDataStore specific implementation of the FeatureReader interface
JDBCFeatureSource A JDBCFeatureSource that can opperate as a starting point for your own implementations.
JDBCFeatureStore This is a starting point for providing your own FeatureStore implementation.
JDBCFeatureWriter JDBCDataStore implementation of the FeatureWriter interface
JDBCPSFeatureWriter An abstract class that uses prepared statements to insert, update and delete features from the database.
JDBCTextFeatureWriter An abstract class that uses sql statements to insert, update and delete features from the database.
JDBCTransactionState Holds a JDBC Connectino for JDBCDataStore.
QueryData QueryData holds the ResultSet obtained from the sql query and has the following responsibilities: acts as the attribute reader by using the AttributeIO objects acts as the attribute writer by using the AttributeIO objects manages the resulset, statement and transaction and closes them cleanly if needed provides methods for creating a new row, as well as inserting new ones, that are used by the JDBCFeatureWriter holds the FIDMapper for feature reader and writer to use when building new features

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