Interface Summary
FIDMapper The FIDMapper interface manages the mapping of feature id to the identifiers provided in a database.
FIDMapperFactory Provides a way to plug in user defined policies for primary key to feature ID mapping.

Class Summary
AbstractFIDMapper Abstract implementation providing common methods that usually are coded the same way in all fid mappers.
AutoIncrementFIDMapper Support primary key columns that are automatically generated by the database.
BasicFIDMapper Basic FIDMapper implementation that maps the FID of a Feature to a VARCHAR column
DefaultFIDMapperFactory Default FID mapper that works with default FID mappers.
MaxIncFIDMapper A FID mapper that uses a single integer column as the primary key and that does a SELECT MAX(fixColumn) + 1 to generate new ones.
MultiColumnFIDMapper A simple implementation of FIDMapper for multi column primary keys
NullFIDMapper Last resort fid mapper for tables that does not have a primary key.
TypedFIDMapper This fidmapper just takes another fid mapper and builds fids based on the wrapped FIDMapper by prefixing them with the feature type name, that is, the resulting fid follow the <featureTypeName>.

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