Class Summary
DB2ConnectionFactory A factory to create a DB2 Connection based on the needed parameters.
DB2CoordinateSystem Represent the coordinate system information maintained in the DB2 Spatial Extender catalog tables.
DB2DataStore DB2 DataStore implementation.
DB2DataStoreFactory Implements the DataStoreFactorySpi interface to create an instance of a DB2DataStore.
DB2FeatureLocking DOCUMENT ME!
DB2FeatureSource DB2 Feature Source implementation.
DB2FeatureStore DOCUMENT ME!
DB2FeatureTypeHandler Override methods from FeatureTypeHandler for DB2-specific handling.
DB2FeatureWriter DOCUMENT ME!
DB2FIDMapperFactory Overrides DefaultFIDMapperFactory methods for DB2-specific handling.
DB2GeometryColumn Hold information about a DB2 geometry column and provide access.
DB2NullFIDMapper Overrides NullFIDMapper methods for DB2-specific handling.
DB2SpatialCatalog Manage the DB2 Spatial Extender spatial catalog information in memory to improve performance.
DB2SQLBuilder A DB2-specific subclass of DefaultSQLBuilder, which supports DB2 Spatial Extender geometry datatypes.

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