DataStore implementation for the ArcSDE 8.x and 9.x spatial gateway.


Class Summary
ArcSDEAdapter Utility class to deal with SDE specifics such as creating SeQuery objects from geotool's Query's, mapping SDE types to Java ones and JTS Geometries, etc.
ArcSDEConnectionPool Maintains SeConnection's for a single set of connection properties (for instance: by server, port, user and password) in a pooled way Since sde connections are not jdbc connections, I can't use Sean's excellent connection pool.
ArcSDEDataStoreFactory Factory to create DataStores over a live ArcSDE instance.
ConnectionConfig Represents a set of ArcSDE database connection parameters.
GeometryBuilder Creates propper JTS Geometry objects from SeShape objects and viceversa.

Exception Summary
GeometryBuildingException Exception that can be thrown if an error occurs while creating a Geometryy from a SeShape or viceversa
UnavailableConnectionException Exception thrown when a free SDE connection can't be obtained after the calling thread was waiting an available connection for SdeConnectionPool instance's getMaxWaitTime() milliseconds

Package Description

DataStore implementation for the ArcSDE 8.x and 9.x spatial gateway.

This implementation is based on the ESRI's ArcSDE Java API. This API is based on a single jar file wich maven downloads automatically and a couple of platform specific libraries (.dll or .so). So we have made an effort in order to this DataStore implementation not being dependant of those native libraries.

The feature set of the ArcSDEDataStore includes feature write support but is actually limited to the inprocess locking manager. Native locking should be developed and will be higly appreciated, so volunteers are wellcome.

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