Package org.geotools.cs

Coordinate Systems implementation.


Class Summary
Adapters Deprecated. The legacy OpenGIS CS package is deprecated.
AxisInfo Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultCoordinateSystemAxis.
AxisOrientation Deprecated. Replaced by AxisDirection.
CompoundCoordinateSystem Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultCompoundCRS.
CoordinateSystem Deprecated. Replaced by AbstractCRS.
CoordinateSystemAuthorityFactory Creates spatial reference objects using codes.
CoordinateSystemFactory Deprecated. Replaced by CRSFactory.
Datum Deprecated. Replaced by AbstractDatum.
DatumType Deprecated. Replaced by VerticalDatumType for the vertical case.
DatumType.Horizontal Deprecated. No replacement.
DatumType.Local Deprecated. No replacement.
DatumType.Temporal Deprecated. No replacement.
DatumType.Vertical Deprecated. Replaced by VerticalDatumType
Ellipsoid Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultEllipsoid.
FittedCoordinateSystem Deprecated. Replaced by
GeocentricCoordinateSystem Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultGeocentricCRS.
GeographicCoordinateSystem Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultGeographicCRS.
HorizontalCoordinateSystem Deprecated. No direct replacement.
HorizontalDatum Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultGeodeticDatum.
Info Deprecated. Replaced by AbstractIdentifiedObject and NamedIdentifier.
LocalCoordinateSystem Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultEngineeringCRS.
LocalDatum Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultEngineeringDatum.
PrimeMeridian Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultPrimeMeridian.
ProjectedCoordinateSystem Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultProjectedCRS.
Projection Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultOperationMethod.
TemporalCoordinateSystem Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultTemporalCRS.
TemporalDatum Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultTemporalDatum.
VerticalCoordinateSystem Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultVerticalCRS.
VerticalDatum Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultVerticalDatum.
WGS84ConversionInfo Deprecated. Replaced by BursaWolfParameters.

Exception Summary
NoSuchAuthorityCodeException Deprecated. Replaced by NoSuchAuthorityCodeException in the org.opengis.referencing package.

Package org.geotools.cs Description

Coordinate Systems implementation. The CoordinateSystem class is the base class for all coordinate systems. Coordinate systems can have an arbitrary number of dimensions. Some are two-dimensional (e.g. GeographicCoordinateSystem and ProjectedCoordinateSystem), while some others are one-dimensional (e.g. VerticalCoordinateSystem and TemporalCoordinateSystem). Those simple coordinate systems can be used as building blocks for more complex coordinate systems. For example, it is possible to construct a three-dimensional geographic coordinate system (latitude, longitude, height above the ellipsoid) with an aggregation of GeographicCoordinateSystem and VerticalCoordinateSystem. Such aggregations are built with CompoundCoordinateSystem.

While it is possible to create coordinate systems by direct instantiation (using their public constructors), the preferred way is to use methods in the CoordinateSystemFactory class. Public constructors are not part of OpenGIS's specification, while CoordinateSystemFactory is. Furthermore, CoordinateSystemFactory's methods can be overridden, which is useful for constructing CoordinateSystems backed by some OpenGIS compliant commercial software.

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