Class SelectSampleDimension

  extended byorg.geotools.coverage.processing.AbstractOperation
      extended byorg.geotools.coverage.processing.Operation2D
          extended byorg.geotools.coverage.processing.operation.SelectSampleDimension
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SelectSampleDimension
extends Operation2D

Chooses N sample dimensions from a grid coverage and copies their sample data to the destination grid coverage in the order specified. The parameter specifies the source GridSampleDimension indices, and its size () determines the number of sample dimensions of the destination grid coverage. The destination coverage may have any number of sample dimensions, and a particular sample dimension of the source coverage may be repeated in the destination coverage by specifying it multiple times in the parameter.

Geotools extension:
This operation can also be used for selecting a different "visible sample dimension". Some images may contain useful data in more than one sample dimension, but renderer the content using only 1 sample dimension at time. The parameter can be used for selecting this sample dimension. If ommited, then the new grid coverage will inherit its source's visible sample dimension.

Name: "SelectSampleDimension"
JAI operator: "BandSelect"

Name Class Default value Minimum value Maximum value
GridCoverage2D N/A N/A N/A
Same as source N/A N/A
Integer Same as source 0 N/A

$Id: 17672 2006-01-19 00:25:55Z desruisseaux $
Martin Desruisseaux
See Also:
Operations.selectSampleDimension(org.opengis.coverage.Coverage, int[]), BandSelectDescriptor, Serialized Form

Field Summary
static org.opengis.parameter.ParameterDescriptor SAMPLE_DIMENSIONS
          The parameter descriptor for the sample dimension indices.
static org.opengis.parameter.ParameterDescriptor VISIBLE_SAMPLE_DIMENSION
          The parameter descriptor for the visible dimension indice.
Fields inherited from class org.geotools.coverage.processing.Operation2D
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Constructor Summary
          Constructs a default operation.
Method Summary
protected  org.opengis.coverage.Coverage doOperation(org.opengis.parameter.ParameterValueGroup parameters, Hints hints)
          Applies the band select operation to a grid coverage.
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Field Detail


public static final org.opengis.parameter.ParameterDescriptor SAMPLE_DIMENSIONS
The parameter descriptor for the sample dimension indices.


public static final org.opengis.parameter.ParameterDescriptor VISIBLE_SAMPLE_DIMENSION
The parameter descriptor for the visible dimension indice. This is a Geotools-specific parameter.

Constructor Detail


public SelectSampleDimension()
Constructs a default operation.

Method Detail


protected org.opengis.coverage.Coverage doOperation(org.opengis.parameter.ParameterValueGroup parameters,
                                                    Hints hints)
Applies the band select operation to a grid coverage. This method is invoked by DefaultProcessor for the operation.

Specified by:
doOperation in class AbstractOperation
parameters - List of name value pairs for the parameters.
hints - A set of rendering hints, or if none.
The result as a grid coverage.

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