Package org.geotools.coverage

Coverage implementation.


Interface Summary
CoverageStack.Element An element in a coverage stack.

Class Summary
AbstractCoverage Base class of all coverage type.
Category A category delimited by a range of sample values.
CoverageCache A cache for coverage instances.
CoverageStack Wraps a stack of coverages as an extra dimension.
CoverageStack.Adapter A convenience adapter class for wrapping a pre-loaded Coverage into an Element object.
FactoryFinder Defines static methods used to access the application's default factory implementation.
GridSampleDimension Describes the data values for a coverage as a list of categories.
SpatioTemporalCoverage3D Convenience view of an other coverage with x, y and time axis.
TransformedCoverage A coverage wrapping an other one with a different coordinate reference system.
TypeMap Utility methods for choosing a sample model or a color model on the basis of a range of values.

Exception Summary
OrdinateOutsideCoverageException Thrown when an method method is invoked with a point outside coverage.

Package org.geotools.coverage Description

Coverage implementation. An explanation for this package is provided in the OpenGIS® javadoc. The remaining discussion on this page is specific to the Geotools implementation.

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