Helper classes for GridCoverageExchange implementations.


Class Summary
AbstractGridCoverageReader Base class for reading GridCoverage objects.
ExoreferencedGridCoverageReader An implementation of AbstractGridCoverageReader using informations parsed by a MetadataBuilder object.
MetadataBuilder Helper class for creating OpenGIS's object from a set of metadata.
MetadataBuilder.Key A key for fetching metadata in a format independent way.

Exception Summary
AmbiguousMetadataException Thrown when one or more metadata have ambiguous values.
MetadataException The base class for error related to grid coverage's metadata.
MissingMetadataException Thrown when a metadata is required but can't be found.

Package Description

Helper classes for GridCoverageExchange implementations. AbstractGridCoverageReader is the base class for any object capable to read a GridCoverage2D object.

Sometime, remote sensing data are not contained in a single file. For example it is common to find sample values in a raw binary file (a flat matrix), and metadata informations in a separated text file. There is a wide variety of formats for such text file, and supporting them is not always straightforward. MetadataBuilder is a helper class for making easier to parse the header file. The content (the actual pixel values) can be parsed using the package.

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