Package org.geotools.catalog

Interface Summary
Catalog Extension of Resolve which represents a local catalog or web registry service.
CatalogInfo Represents a bean style metadata accessor for metadata about a catalog.
GeoResource Represents a handle to a spatial resource.
GeoResourceInfo Represents a bean style metadata accessor for metadata about a geoResource.
Resolve Interface for objects which serve has handles to actual data objects.
ResolveChangeEvent Captures changes to the Catalog.
ResolveChangeListener Allows client code to notice catalog changes.
ResolveDelta Constants used to communicate Catalog Deltas.
ResolveDeltaVisitor Allows processing of resolve deltas.
Service Represents a geo spatial service handle.
ServiceFactory This is the required addition on the part of a data provider.
ServiceFinder Builds service proxies or clones (with an id).
ServiceInfo Provides metadata information about a service.

Class Summary
AbstractCatalog Abstract implementation of Catalog.
AbstractGeoResource Abstract implementation of GeoResource.
AbstractService Abstract implementation of Service.
Resolve.Status Enumeration class for representing the status or state of a Resolve.
ResolveDelta.Kind Kind of Delta, used to indicate change.

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